Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Go Team Rahway

The updated rankings are out and once again we have moved up 1 position to the #23 Company in NJ & Delaware. More exciting then that is that for the first time in the history of CENTURY 21 JRS Realty we have a NATIONAL RANKING. IF you look down this NATIONAL list you will see TEAM RAHWAY is the # 83 TEAM in THE NATION. Congrats to everyone that has contributed to this amazing accomplishment, and as you can see these rankings only reflect closings through November 4th. So we still have a chance to move up.
National Rankings
Century 21 Real Estate LLC October 2008 Team Producers by Units . These rankings reflect 2008 transactions with a close date of 10/31/2008 and a paid date of 11/04/2008 .
For production or spelling corrections, please contact Real Estate Operations at (800) 345-2972

83 Team Success / CENTURY 21 JRS Realty Rahway, NJ 59.5

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips to Make Your Home More Salable

Top 21 Ways to Improve the Chances of Selling Your Home
1. Make the Most of that First Impression-A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch welcome prospects. So does a freshly painted – or at least freshly scrubbed – front door. Rake leaves in the Fall. If it’s winter, shovel the walkways.
2. Clean Clean Clean-Here’s your chance to clean up in real estate. If your woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Fresh wallpaper adds charm and value to your property.
3. Check Faucets and Bulbs-Dripping water causes stains and suggests faulty or worn-out plumbing. Burned out bulbs or faulty wiring leave prospects in the dark. Don’t let little problems detract from what’s right with your home.
4. Don’t Shut Out a Sale-If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, you can be sure they will also stick in a prospect’s mind. Don’t try to explain away sticky situations when you can easily plane them away. A little effort on your part can smooth the way toward a closing.
5. Think Safety-Clean away potential disasters: roller skates on the stairs, festooned extension cords, slippery throw rugs and low hanging overhead lights.
6. Spacious Living-Potential buyers are looking for more than just comfortable living space. They’re looking for storage space, too. Make sure your attic and basement are clean and free of unnecessary items.
7. Bathrooms Help Sell Homes-Make bathrooms sparkle. Check and repair damaged or unsightly caulking in the tubs and showers. Enhance your bathroom with flowers, guest towels, and your best mats and shower curtains.
8. Pay Attention to Detail-Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, pushed-out screens and other minor flaws can detract from your home’s value.
9. Dream Bedrooms-For a spacious look, remove excess furniture. Hang fresh curtains and use attractive bedspreads.
10. Warmth of the Sun-Pull back your curtains and drapes so prospects can see how bright and cheery your home is.
11. Sweet Scents-The old trick of delicious scents still makes homes appealing. Bake cookies, pies, or other delectable treats. Or use potpourri as long as the scent you choose is not overwhelming.
12. Coloring the Night with Light-Turn on the excitement by turning on all your lights - both inside and outside - when showing your home in the evening. Lights add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome.
13.Garage Neat-Organize the garage. This is often a place that becomes cluttered.

14. Closets Are Important-Closets look their best when they are orderly and not too full. Be sure the lights work and pack away items unused to make them look more spacious. Great time to box up unwanted clothes and donate them to charity.
15.Control the Music-When it's time to show your home, it's time to turn down the stereo or TV.
16.Keep a Low Profile-CENTURY 21® Sales Associates know buyers - what they need and what they want. Your CENTURY 21 Sales Associate will have an easier time articulating the virtues of your home if you stay in the background.
17.Don't Turn Your Home into a Second-Hand Store-When prospects come to view your home, don't distract them with offers to sell those furnishings you no longer need. You may lose the biggest sale of all.
18.Expert at Hand-When prospects want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert - your CENTURY 21 Sales Associate.
19.Make it Inviting-Be sure the front entrance is clean and inviting. Paint the gutters, downspouts and the front door. Also sweep the walks, steps and driveway.
20.Touch Up-A small investment in paint for the inside and outside helps. Remember to choose neutral colors.
21. Avoid Crowd Scenes-Potential buyers often feel like intruders when they enter a home filled with people. Rather than giving your house the attention it deserves, they're likely to hurry through. Keep the company present to a minimum.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Punit Shah Agent of the Month of October 2008

Punit Shah Agent of the Month of October.
Congratulations to Punit Shah as his efforts have earned him the prestigious "Agent of the Month" award for the month of October as a member of CENTURY 21 JRS Realty. If you recall Punit was also the "Agent of Month in May as well. Punit continues to work extremely hard this year for all of his customers and clients. Punit registered an amazing 5 listings and 2 sales in the Month of October to earn this honor. With more than 3 years experience in this industry Punit has the knowledge and work ethic to rise above the present market trends, and help sellers and buyer achieve their dreams. We are all very proud of Punit for his accomplishments and CENTURY 21 JRS Realty is honored to have him as a member of their family. Punit is a huge part of the reason CENTURY 21 JRS Realty is the #24 CENTURY 21 in New Jersey and Delaware. For more information on Punit or any other CENTURY 21 JRS Realty agent please visit or for information on owning a home or selling your existing home in the Union, Middlesex, Essex, or Bergen County areas please feel free to Call 1-800-831-0681 or E-mail the Broker at