Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Right Way To Get Started

If you are going to do it, do it RIGHT!

by JR Sangiuliano

After 11 years as a full-time sale associate for CENTURY 21 JRS Realty I have come across many ways of buying Real Estate in New Jersey. We have had everyone from no money down customers to buyers that bought the videos on how to buy Real Estate that put you on the fast track the the court house. There is only one right way to buy Real Estate and that is the way we teach buyers in our seminars. We hold seminars for home buyers to show them the right way because so many Realtors do not take the time to teach them.

Step 1: Get Pre-Approved for a loan. Buyers need to know what the payments will be and if they are comfortable with investing that amount every month. Also, you may be spending time looking at homes above or below your range, and that creates head aches for everyone.

Step 2: Find an Full-time knowledgeable agent. Only a full-time knowledgeable agent can give you the guidance and the support you deserve. In today's high speed information exchange world there will be times you need to speak with someone NOW, and if your agent is not accessible you may encounter some unnecessary heart ache.

Step 3: Give your agent Honest information. You must trust you realtor. Give your realtor all the information he/she needs to search and find you homes that fit what you want.

Step 4: View homes in Person. No one will ever buy a home over the Internet or from just driving buy the front of the home, if they do they are taking a huge risk. You should always see the home from the inside. So if you are going to see the home from the inside you should save time driving around by your self and just make one trip, a trip to view the home inside and out.

Step 5: Present an Offer. After finding the home you would like to own, you need to have your agent present and offer. Your offer consists of: Good faith deposit check, pre-approval letter, addendum's and disclosures, and the legal offer sheet. Understand what you sign is not a binding contract until agreed upon and signed by both parties.

After having an offer accepted your agent must now guide you through the sales transaction process, which may vary from state to state. There are usually inspections that must be done on your new home to inform you about how best to maintain the major utilities of the home, and get the most out of all you appliances. This leads to a closing, and in many states the realtor handles this as well.

All these reasons and more lead to one fact: Make sure the realtor that assists you in your purchase is will trained and is prepared to help you through the entire transaction. Realtors help you with the allocation of more money then you will ever pay a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. Why not put just as must care into the selection of a realtor?

For more information please e-mail me at We have brochures and documents on the process ready to e-mail to anyone that would like the help.

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