Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Homes in Clark & Rahway NJ

Congratulations to the Agents of CENTURY 21 JRS Realty
The year 2007 was a down year for many Real Estate companies across America, but for CENTURY 21 JRS Realty it was a great year. Not only did CENTURY 21 JRS Realty grow to 2 locations and add 10 Full time agents, but CENTURY 21 JRS Realty sales production went up 25%. In 2007 CENTURY 21 JRS Realty is the number 47 ranked CENTURY 21Company in New Jersey, a state that has well over 100 companies. "I am so proud to be associated with the agents in this company, not only because of their work ethic, but because they put our clients and customers priorities first". Said Broker/Owner JR Sangiuliano. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty agents have received many testimonial letters and cards of appreciation from its clients and customers for all their hard work. "That is what this is all about, helping our clients and customers realize the American Dream of home ownership". Saniuliano continued. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty now has offices in Clark and Rahway New Jersey to better serve all of Union, Middlesex, and Essex Counties with the immediate and up to date industry knowledge seldom seen in this industry. Please visit http://www.c21jrs.com/ for more information on our agents and up to the minute industry news.

The Real Estate industry has been watered down in recent years because of the hot market we have experienced over the last decade. Many of the agents and agencies that opened just to capitalize on that rush will be out of this business shortly. In the past 2 years and moving forward agents and agencies must stand for more then making money. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty is growing because of the value system the agents believe in and use to guide their everyday interactions with clients and customers. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty believes in putting the client and customer first in every way. Shoveling a walk way for a client that is out of town or picking a customer up from the air port or train station is well within the job description of a CENTURY 21 JRS Realty agent. The number one priority of our clients and customers is ALWAYS our number one priority.

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