Sunday, August 17, 2008

Motivation the Entire Year

Staying Motivated
By Dirk Zeller July 29, 2008
One question I get asked constantly from Agents is, “How do I stay motivated?” They further state, “If only I was more motivated, I could do more.” For any producer in life, there is a constant exposure to de-motivating situations, people, and pressures. The more we do, the more potential exposure we have to the de-motivating factors of life.
To really understand the ebbs and flows of our personal motivation, we have to understand what we are seeking. What are the things we are striving for to create satisfaction in our lives? To really stay motivated we have to clearly know what drives us or what motivates us. Most people have a key driver that causes them to act. There are only a handful of key drivers for human beings. Each of us will use one of these key drivers to increase our effectiveness in life. Knowing which one is primary for you allows you to use it to your advantage.
There are people who are motivated through comfort and fulfillment. They are focused on completion of the job. They feel that a particular order or system must be applied to reach the completion or fulfillment of the task, goal, or system. These people desire a high level of comfort. It doesn’t mean they need the best car, house, or clothes. It addresses the need for security. Achieving a level of security or comfort is essential to this person. This individual will work long and hard to feel secure and comfortable.
Each individual who fits into this category has his or her own individual definition of comfort and security. It could be $100,000 in cash. It could be $1,000,000 in net worth. It could be a certain number of listings or sales made. Each definition is unique to the individual. If you are motivated by comfort, one of the ways to stay motivated is to define what comfort is for you. Determine the criteria for comfort, so you can see your progressive realization of that goal of security. Too often, people move the goal line for their goals. It’s like playing a football game on a changing field. We make the field 120 yards longer after we get within thirty yards of the goal. That can cause us to be de-motivated because we are still too far off!
Another significant motivator or driver is competition and triumph. There are some of us who thrive on competition. We love to compete at anything we engage in. We must put ourselves in that competition regularly to feel alive. I understand this style well because it’s the motivating factor for me. I love to compete and win. If the competition ceases for this individual, they find another avenue for their competitive nature to be exhibited. In the business world, there is competition. In real estate sales, being a full commission game, we are in constant competition. We are in competition with other Agents and other buyers regularly. When we are on a listing presentation, and the seller is interviewing other Agents, this is competition in its purest form. You either feel the triumph of victory or the agony of defeat. You either have an opportunity to receive compensation for your efforts, or you are out of the game with zero compensation. For many Agents, putting themselves in competitive situations regularly allows them to stay motivated toward their overall success.
In the end, for us to stay in a motivated state for longer periods of time, we must clearly know what motivates us. What are the hot buttons that move us quickly through a lack of motivation? The real difference between Champion Performers and the rest of the field is the span of time they allow de-motivation to take hold. Champion Performers get back on track to success more quickly than low performers. They spend less time in the unmotivated state. The problems they face don’t take them out of the game for a week, or even a day. It might bother them for an hour or less.
Make it a priority to clearly define what motivates you, so you can achieve Champion Performance. Write them down and review them whenever you feel unmotivated and need help getting back on the track to success quickly or when you come across the de-motivating factors of life. This will allow you to stay motivated and on top of your game.

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