Friday, August 7, 2009

Steps to Buying a Home

Steps to Buying

Buying on Your Terms
Buying a home is all about you. What you need. What you want in the house you'll call home sweet home. So naturally the buying process should be all about you, too.

That's why working with an agent is such a good idea - it puts the focus on what's important to you. Century 21 JRS Realty agents work hard to make your home buying experience just as good as you imagined it; and since they have the most innovative tools in the industry, they're well-equipped to do so.

Here's the Century 21 JRS Realty 10-step plan to buying on your terms:

1. Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis
A Century 21 JRS Realty agent can deliver a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is a breakdown of homes in a particular location that are currently on the market, expired from the market, pending a sale, or already sold. The CMA helps you accurately determine a home's value by comparing homes in the same area that have already sold.

2. Start the Financing Process
Unless you're planning to buy with cash, you'll need to secure a mortgage loan. Your Century 21 JRS Realty agent can help you select a lender and coordinate the timing and paperwork of your loan. Working with our lending affiliate, Century 21 Mortgage may be a good option for you since we can help consolidate the many aspects of the home-buying process.

3. Narrow Your Search
The right agent will work to find your new home, first by opening up your options, then by helping you narrow the field. S/he will come up with a suggested list of homes that match your needs, and can even show you homes online, before arranging for home tours, and providing maps and directions to the homes you wish to visit.

4. Document Assistance
Your Century 21 JRS Realty agent can help you write and present your purchase offer on the home of your choosing. Rely on your agent's expertise in managing the paperwork that's a necessary part of the home-buying process.

5. Evaluate and Negotiate Offers and Counteroffers
While it may be true that anything is negotiable, it may not always be in your best interest. An agent skilled in negotiation is your best ally in a competitive market, helping you get the best purchase price on your new home.

6. Get Objective Advice
Your Century 21 JRS Realty agent is a professional dedicated to guiding you in your new home purchase. While emotion might color your judgment, you can rely on your agent to provide an impartial viewpoint and advise you of options and alternatives throughout the process.

7. Set Up a Home Inspection
Some states require sellers to disclose material facts about their home's condition to potential buyers. A home inspection can help you protect your interests by determining if there are any problems or repairs that need to be taken care of before you complete your new home purchase. Your Century 21 JRS Realty agent can arrange for an inspection appointment, accompany you (or fill in for you) at the inspection, and determine additional needs.

8. Negotiate Disputes and Issues
Even the smoothest, simplest real estate transaction involves two parties with needs and objectives that often differ. Your agent should negotiate, mediate and provide conflict resolution to help you and the seller come to a mutually beneficial outcome.

9. Prepare for Contingencies
Contractual contingencies are terms that must be met before an agreement can be binding. Written contingencies must be removed (in writing and by a specified date) before a contract can be in full effect. Whether it's financing, inspection, or any other item in your agreement, your Century 21 JRS Realty agent can help you understand how to fulfill or remove any contractual conditions.

10. Get to Closing
Taking possession of your new home is always top of mind. But unanticipated difficulties at closing can be downright annoying. Your Century 21 JRS Realty agent will help you resolve issues and finalize the transfer of ownership and house keys, so you can be in the home you always imagined.

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