Monday, May 7, 2007


What's NEW!!!
If you are not up with the times you are behind the times. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty with offices in Clark and Rahway New Jersey have two offices of agents that are forward thinking and definitely up with today's technology. "Our agents have all the latest technology from hand held devices to lap top listing presentations" Company Leader JR Sangiuliano says.
CENTURY 21 JRS Realty is part of the number 1 Real Estate franchise in the world. With more offices, agents, and homes sold world wide CENTURY 21 is the BEST. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty has added many new and exciting ideas to its menu of services to its clients and customers. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty now has a personal blog, over 10 web sites for marketing client listings, a new and more informative company web site, personal web site dedicated to one single home and homeowner, and no money down mortgage opportunities for qualified home buyers when most other companies are turning those customers away.
CENTURY 21 JRS Realty puts all new technology in 2 categories that benefit its clients and customers. The first category is technology that allows quick responses to clients and customers with information. Today Realtors need to be able to attend to the concerns of clients immediately, with cell phones, v-mail, e-mail, text messaging and mobile command centers CENTURY 21 JRS Realty agents are equipped to do just that. The second category of technology deals with exposure of clients homes to potential buyers. Today's real estate market conditions require an agency to diversify the medias in which client homes are marketed. It is no good anymore to just put up a sign and enter the listing in the MLS, buyers must be found over a multitude of media sources. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty markets its clients homes in many different media avenues to ensure every buyer see its office listings . One of the most important things CENTURY 21 JRS Realty agents are doing to find buyers for their clients homes is a series of HOME BUYER SEMINARS free to the public. These seminars are directed to informing home buyers about the process in which to take in order to buy a home. CENTURY 21 has held seminars at the Crown Plaza in Clark New Jersey and at Commerce bank in Linden New Jersey. The office is planning a series of 8 seminars in Kenilworth New Jersey for this summer. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty advertises in more than one magazine every month, local news papers on the weekends, more than 10 web sites connected to 100's of search engines, and now offers personal web sites dedicated to one homeowner and one home. No more searching through thousands of listings to find one home. Now each home has its own personal site usually with the address of the property as the web site address.
CENTURY 21 JRS Realty is extremely proud of all the new and exciting ideas that have been implemented recently. CENTURY 21 JRS Realty has the most responsible, hardest working, and most intelligent agents in the industry.
All CENTURY 21 JRS Realty Agents
  • Always live by the "Get by Giving" rule.
  • Always conduct their business with the clients #1 concern as their #1 concern.
  • Always live up to our standards regardless of pressures by local Realtors to lower them
  • Always work toward a common GOOD
  • Always do what they say they will do, sometimes more but NEVER less

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