Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Web Tools To Make Life Easier

10 Free Web Tools to Make Life Easier
These range of Web tools can be good resources for you in your real estate business.

1. Mint.comThis secure financial management tool pulls data from your checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and other loans to help you track expenses.

2. Zenbe.com Have multiple e-mail addresses? View all your mail in one inbox, and check in with Facebook and Twitter from the same screen.

3. GetDropBox.com Back up your important documents and e-mail messages. This tool syncs with your computer to save documents and allows you to access them via the Web from any computer.

4. Everyscape.comThis alternative to Google Earth lets you view three-dimensional images of streets and cities at eye level.

5. Inhabitat.com For home owners who want to go green, this eco-friendly design blog provides tips and inspiration.

6. Yelp.com If buyers are new to the area, send them here. Neighbors review local restaurants, spas, doctors, plumbers, and more.

7. Billshrink.comDiscover hidden fees in your credit card accounts and cell phone bills, and get recommedantions for lower-cost alternatives.

8. GasBuddy.com Do some comparison shopping before you fill up. Get a listing of what the gas stations in your area are charging per gallon.

9. FotoFlexer.comTouch up your photographs, create effects, and adjust lighting to create high-quality images worthy for marketing materials.

10. DesignSpongeOnline.com Do-it-yourselfers on a budget will love the easy home decorating projects and gift ideas.

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