Thursday, April 2, 2009

Agent of the Month

Congratulations to Joe Piizzi-AGENT OF THE MONTH

I am happy to report that Joe Piizzi is the agent of the month of March 2009. Joe is by far the hardest working Realtor I have known in my 13+ years in the business. In a time of crisis like we are in right now, a hard working agent can breath life into an office by himself, that is what Joe is doing. Joe has put the office on his back and carrying them to the finish line. Joe makes hundreds of calls everyday to past and present clients, strangers, and anyone that will listen. Joe knows that is the name of the game. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and this Real Estate market is no different. Joe is a model of the perfect Realtor and we feel fortunate to have him as a member of our company. Congrats to Joe on his accomplishment.

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