Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's Mortgage Rates at an All Time Low

Wary of a volatile stock market and concerned about by European debt woes investors moved to bonds last week pushing bond prices up and mortgage rates down. Mortgage rates, which move the opposite direction of mortgage-backed securities prices, had wavered just below 5% for much of the year until last weeks big decline. Mortgage rates today are even lower than levels December of last year, what's now the previous all time low.

Today's official conventional 30 year fixed mortgage rate, available to well-qualified borrowers paying about a point origination, is 4.5%. Today's conventional 15 year fixed rate is 4%, with some lenders reported "squeezing" out 3.875%.

Today's FHA 30 year fixed rate is 4.375%. APR (closing cost) on an FHA loan is typically much higher than that of a conventional mortgage because of MI and other FHA fees.

Today's jumbo 30 year fixed rate, for jumbo mortgages exceeding jumbo conforming loan limits, is 5.5%. It's reported 5.375% is available to borrowers with an extremely low loan to value ratio.

Wells Fargo, the nations largest volume mortgage originator, is currently offering a conventional 30 year fixed rate of 4.875%, with an APR of 5.065. Wells Fargo mortgage rates are available on their website. researches over 2 dozen wholesale lenders' rate sheets for brokers on a daily basis to determine the most accurate mortgage rates for well-qualified borrowers paying a standard origination fee of about 1 point.

Today's Mortgage Rates - currently available to well-qualified consumers at a standard .07 to 1 point origination.

•30-yr fixed-rate - 4.500%

•15-yr fixed-rate - 4.000%

•5/1 ARM rate - 3.500%

•FHA 30-yr fixed-rate - 4.375%

•FHA 15-yr fixed-rate - 4.00%

•FHA 5/1 ARM rate - 3.500%

•VA 30-yr fixed-rate - 4.625%

•Jumbo 30-yr fixed-rate - 5.500%

•Jumbo Conforming 30-yr fixed-rate - 4.750%

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