Monday, August 9, 2010

Who's Responsible

We all know what is going on in Real Estate across this great country of our. But who is ultimately blamed for for a deal falling apart. The listing Agent, that's who. No matter how and phone call are made, no matter how many hours Realtors put it, it comes down to the Listing agent being held responsible by the seller to get to a closing. Yes, the same 6 major things have to be done buy most of the are the buyers Realtors responsibility to set up and attend. So you get through attorney review, do you home inspection, you insect inspection, and your back inspection. Then 2 days before the closing the buyer losses their job, decides to co-sign for a car loan for their sister. Better yet the closing took so long the bank does another appraisal and the value of the home has gone down $10,000 or $20,000 in some cases and the mortgage company pulls the loan. Both seller and buyer are packed and ready to move. Some sellers are even buying and now that deal falls apart as well. The answerer's from our Government have been to raise the fees that and FHA buyer must pay by 1.75 %, to make it even harder to purchase in NJ. I don't know if these thing are going on in other states, but in NJ it sure seems like the Government is working against us not with us to help this housing crisis.

The listing agents need to take more responsibility and be in touch with not just the sellers people, but also the buyers people as well. No more can you trust that a buyers realtor is going to do their part for their client. The listing agent is ultimately responsible to get to the closing table. Does a seller want to hear their agent point the finger at all the other people involved or do they want and agent that takes the bull by the horns and makes sure everything is done the right way. If you were a seller interviewing agents and one told you this, this, and this are the buyers agents responsibility, would you chose that agent? Then a good agent comes in a says the same things but tells the seller I will be on top of every step no matter who I have to call and how many times I have to call they I will get it done. Also, listing agents should have the power to continue to show the property until all contingency's are met, especially the mortgage contingency. Well there are to many poorly trained agents out their that do not do what they are supposed to do. I believe the listings agents have to do or follow up on everything, no matter who represents who. And buyers have to stop lying about their income and debts.

I might not know much, I was only a top sales man for CENTURY 21 for 10 years, but I know this. Agents are getting worse, buyers are not honest, are the Government is not helping to fix the problem AT ALL.

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