Friday, March 23, 2007

10 Reason Top Producers get the Listings

10 reasons top producers get the listing

Ever wonder why that other practitioner gets more listings than you? Steve Stewart, a writer and speaker on real estate sales and marketing and the principal of Steve Stewart Seminars ( in Claremont, Calif., explains why top producers are so successful.
1. They treat real estate like a real job. “They’re always in control of their job,” says Stewart. “And they’re confident enough to say no to clients they think are too demanding or unreasonable.”
2. They’re masterful presenters. “They have a planned listing presentation they could give in a howling windstorm without being distracted,” he says. “They know what they’re going to say and where in the presentation the decision points for sellers are. It’s all because they practice, practice, practice.”
3. They’re terrific at getting others to make decisions. “They never pressure sellers during the listing presentation,” Stewart says, “but every time there’s a decision to be made, they say, ‘Do you want to do this or not?’ They get people in the habit of making decisions.”
4. They’re big thinkers. Top producers think beyond the task in front of them. For instance, one top producer Stewart worked with decided he’d be more likely to get listings if he scheduled more than one presentation for each evening. “The fact that he had several presentations a night made it more likely that he’d get every listing agreement signed, because he was in great demand,” says Stewart.
5. They’re excellent at delegating to their team members. “Top producers make artful use of their assistant teams,” Stewart says, “which helps in marketing, too, because salespeople with teams can market themselves as being able to handle the sale from top to bottom.”
6. They get sellers to understand why pricing is so important. For instance, they keep emphasizing that sellers can price the home to own it or to sell it, Stewart says. They might say, “If you price this home too high, you’ll keep owning this house. Here’s the price that’ll get results.”
7. They look like sellers but slightly better. “People like and trust people who are like them,” says Stewart. “You want sellers to identify with you, but you should dress one notch above them. However, never go in way overdressed.”
8. Their confidence markets them. “You’re your own walking visual aid,” Stewart says. During listing presentations, sellers scrutinize not only what you say but also how you carry yourself. Do you know what you’re talking about? Can sellers trust you to sell their home? Do you appear confident about what you’re doing? Can you think on your feet?
9. They have professional marketing materials. “Thousands of salespeople don’t go to the appointment with presentation materials,” says Stewart. “They think they can wing a listing presentation.” Have visuals that sellers can easily see, whether in a printed presentation book or on a laptop screen.
10. They invest in themselves. The best salespeople spend the money they need to be successful. “If they need new computer equipment, they upgrade,” Stewart says. “If they need more advertising, they get it. They go to conventions and seminars all the time. They’re always looking for new ideas.”

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