Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Does the MArket Change what an agent must do to Succeed?

by JR Sangiuliano
YES, GET OFF YOUR ASS and work. Everyday in a good market, bad market, up market, down market, it does not matter you have to work 40 to 60 ours a week. If you want to make an above average income you must put in above average hours at you trade. Realtors think just being in the office they are working or better yet fooling their broker into thinking they are working. A realtor must spend his or her time meeting new people and calling on friends and family and family of friend and friends of family EVERYDAY. Add to that calls to past and present clients, some prospecting of businesses, calling strangers, attacking For Sale By Owners & Expired listings, and working with buyers for only 10% of your day and you have the make up of a successful real estate agent. But here is a news flash...IF THAT DOES NOT WORK DO SOMETHING ELSE TO MAKE IT WORK, hand out flyer's, blanket the parking lot of you local shop rite, DO SOMETHING. The most successful agents do as much of this prospecting face to face as possible because that is the most affecting method. This does not change with the changes in the market. The only thing that changes with the market is how hard you have to work, the time it takes for money to hit your pocket, and the prices of the homes you sell. But as for the daily activities of the full time agent in this career your duties and responsibilities to your fellow team members and your company do not change. Every agent that spend 80% of each working day prospecting, self promoting, and generating leads will not feel any drop off in production. The problem is that most agents fall pray to the crap they hear on the news and that affects their CONSISTENCY everyday. That is the key: to be consistent with your activities. Well that is my lesson and thoughts of the day

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