Friday, March 27, 2009

Watch Your Words

The words that you think and speak have a direct connection to your sales skills and subsequent sales results. This revelation has been revealed through many sources, consider using these words as a sales professional in your ongoing efforts to expand your business network and increase sales.

#1: Potential Qualified Customers - Replace the word prospects with this phrase. When you use the word prospects, you have turn those individuals into objects instead of realizing their worth as individuals. Read the book Leadership and Self Deception to learn more.

#2: Qualifying - Is not the desired result of marketing is to qualify your potential buyers? So, exchange the word prospecting for qualifying. Again, this helps you as the sales professional to see the person across the table or the room as an individual as not as a hunk of rock with some veins of gold.

#3: Agree - This word has 100 times more emotional marketing value than the word Yes. The only person who wants to truly hear the word Yes, is you as the sales professional. Agree implies a contract has been established between you and your potential qualified customers.

#4: Earn - Take the word close out of your vocabulary. To close means to shut off. Way in heaven's sake would your salespeople want to shut off their potential qualified customers.

#5: Statement of Work - Unless you are involved in an open bid process such as one issued by governmental, educational or not for profits, consider using this phrase instead of proposal. The word proposal is what all those other salespeople use and places you in the Sea of Sameness. However, Statement of Work implies that you will be doing business with this qualified potential customer. Also, this sets a psychological tone in your mind and possibly one in the mind of your potential buyer.

#6: Educating - The traditional sales based approach simply is not as effective in the 21st information heavy society where benefits can be easily found with the click of the mouse. By employing education based marketing (EBA), your actions demonstrate the value that your solutions bring to the table.

#7: Ask - Even though this word is a verb, to be able to ask is a powerful word that does increase sales. Ask for referrals from existing loyal customers to centers of influence. Ask to speak at local civic to not for profit organizations. Ask how you can help a new contact even if the person is not a qualified potential customer.

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