Monday, March 9, 2009

Doom & Gloom.....Fact or Fiction?

We Must Get Ratings!!!!!!
That is the way I see our media outlets, we must get ratings at all costs. I would have to be a moron to say the economy is not down. We all have seen the latest unemployment rate over 8%, we know that in the last year over 4 million jobs have been lost....and we know ONE more VERY important thing.......THINGS WILL GET BETTER!!!!!! Whether you voted for our president or not, as an American, you must have blind faith and trust the people in charge of our country. We have to have faith that they have the country's best interests in mind with every decision they make. The media wants to shock us with sensationalism and big bold headlines that make us watch their channel just to be more depressed by the DOOM and GLOOM they spew. We don't need the media to tell us the economy has gone in the crapper, just talk to your friends that have lost their jobs. We just went through one of the most prosperous periods of gluttony and excess our country has ever seen. Should we not pay the price now? Yes, we are now paying the price for the excess of living off your homes equity, evil mortgage companies that cared only about "loan the money", and sell it to someone else.I am writing this post because in my company I just had 4 agents go up against multiple offers on homes in Union and Middlesex County New Jersey. So how bad is Real Estate? Yes, now banks are not just going to throw bad money out the window if you have a pulse.Yes, the prices of homes have fallen. Yes, you have to be worth the risk in order to be loaned money. When my parents were growing up, they knew only one way to buy a 20% for a down payment and qualify for a conventional loan. You were made to care about your home because you WORKED to earn the RIGHT to purchase a piece of the AMERICAN DREAM. You appreciated your home because you earned it. The generation after the baby boomers only knows excess and should be called the "I must have it NOW!" generation...and I am a part of that generation. But I also have the courage to take responsibility for my actions and stand up for what I believe in. How is a generation of kids supposed to survive in this America, when all they see every day are sports stars, and actors, and rappers making more then teachers and our own President. A half a billion dollars to play baseball, are you kidding me? What does that say to our young people about what is important in this world? I know only Real Estate sales. It has been in my family for 40 years and it is the only thing I know. Accept for this...if you are given something for nothing it will mean NOTHING to you.Place the Blame for this economic crash in the right place. Who was president when the no money down loan came to be? Who was president when 3% down and 5% down loans came to be? Not George W Bush, that's for sure.All I am saying is as a country we got our selves into this mess and we WILL get ourselves out of it...TOGETHER. For all the Realtors out there struggling, just keep on making the contacts daily, meeting people daily, and working a little bit harder everyday. Remember, the contacts you make in these lean years will turn into $$$$ when things turn around. Don't listen to the news, tell people about the positives. Rates are low, there are more homes to choose from, you are able to buy a home cheaper then your neighbor did just a few years ago. Those 3 things sound like potential for a good market. The daily activities of a successful Realtor have not changed, make contacts everyday. That task does not change with the rise and fall of the economy. The only thing that changes is the value of homes and the time it may take for your listing to turn into money in your bank account. Listings will always and forever be the name of this game, and the amount of contacts you make everyday will determine the amount of listings you sign up.
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