Thursday, August 2, 2007

Desperate Times For Some

Desperate Times Should Not Call For Desperate Measures.
OK, this will be more of a rant then an informative educational post, although all sales people can learn from it. Over the past years a certain CENTURY 21 company has done many many things to ruin our professional reputation and nothing has ever been done. This company is near the top for sales volume each year, and near the bottom for well trained ethical agents EVERY DAY. This company has had numerous ethics complaints filed against them, to the point that I know of attorneys that will not deal with them at all. Over and over again this company puts out poor untrained Realtors that do things wrong and do not follow through on their responsibilities. They lie in the beginning and then their clients back out or get denied mortgages in the end. That fact that they do so many sales is a travesty. Most of their agents just plain STINK!!!
So what brought this on? In the last two days 2 agents from this company did the following things. One of the agents called my listing agent on a particular property 34 times in 3 hours about his contract. Then this agent showed up with out an appointment at our sellers home and tried to present his offer without the sellers agent present, and pressure them to accept his offer. To top things off when this agents offer was not accepted he showed up at the sellers home again, this time yelling through the front door begging the sellers to take his clients offer"I know it's lower but please....".
A second agent from this same company today called one of our sellers directly, asking the seller if they are happy with us and "why don't you switch offices and list with us". Mind you, we have a commission agreement with these clients for another 5 months. Not to mention that we are both CENTURY 21 Companies.
This company located in Roselle Park needs to be reprimanded by CENTURY 21 and the Real Estate commission. These types of actions have been done over 40 times that I know of on my deals and to my clients. Not to mention the agents I have talk to that tell me they have had the same experiences.
If a company is built with the right foundation, based on trust, honesty, hard work, and integrity these things would not happen. Also, if these qualities were present in a sales office a change in the market would not send everyone running desperately to do business the WRONG way. If the broker is telling people to do these things he should be ashamed of himself. Further more, the broker should not have to try to motivate with pressure and fear, that makes agents leave. I have news for you, I have interview 3 of you agents that are going to be leaving. The fear and lack of confidence you are showing and projecting on your people is not working, learn how to lead. Obviously this broker has not built on a sturdy foundation. You could train a monkey to sell a house in the market we saw from 1998 to 2004, and you did. Now we will see the real character of your agents, and we already are. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

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