Monday, August 13, 2007

Power of GOOD Secretaries

Power of good Secretaries
I would just like to take a minute and thank my right and left hands, my secretaries Betty , Naisha, & Jenean. You never know the power your front line administrative people can have on the overall office. A good admin can change the entire attitude of your company. They can pick up the mood with conversations, and sniff out problems before they occur. They can be a go between to agents that we may not have contact with on a regular basis because of scheduling conflicts. A good secretary is worth their weight in GOLD.
Well, I feel fortunate to have Three!!! These three lady's keep our offices going everyday of the week. When things need to get done now, they are there to respond. When clients call with concerns they are there to make sure the clients are taken care of first, and that the clients know how important they really are. Our front women always have a smile on no matter how fast or slow things are going. From post cards to making appointments and from the web to solving problems, these 3 lady's do it all. Every office is only as good as the people answering the phone. I feel very lucky to have my company in good hand. SO to Betty, Jenean & Naisha I say THANK YOU!!! Keep up the GREAT work.

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