Sunday, August 5, 2007

Do you have a plan?

Day one with new agents I like to make sure they have a plan for everything they do. One of the first plans I give them is how to properly show a home to buyers. Having a plan is good for a new agents or an experienced agent. People want to know they will be cared for. Letting people know you have a plan and how you work does just that, takes control.

Step one-Meet customer at the house-Give them the house listings in the order they will see them-Tell them the following-"We are going to enter the home and go directly to the basement, we will work our way up, we must stay together, and we will save all questions for the end". "But before we go in..." Now the agent reads the listing and the remarks to the customer so they know what to expect. Giving them a preview of what's to come.

Step two-TELL them about the home, don't try to SELL them the home. Now the agent LEADS the customer through the home from bottom to top pointing out the factual information about what the home has. "Here is the........the listing says this was replaced in 2001". "This is the family room the listing says it measures 18x14". Simply point out the factually important parts of the home. If you use HGTV type words and sound like you are trying to SELL them the house they may feel you care only about making a sale and not about what they told you they wanted. You must be listening if you are to hear your customers.

Step Three-Upon exiting the home find out what they liked, disliked, want more of, and want less of in the home they will own, and write it down on the listing. Agents must get information from the buyer about the home they just left so the agent can compare it to others in the market to find the right next home to show.

The time to SELL a home is not in the home. The sale is made when the agent is introduced to the customer and gets the right information from the buyers about likes and dislikes, gets them pre-approved for loan they can afford, and builds a relationship with that customer based on trust, honest, and hard work. The only question that remain is when will you bring them in the right house, the house that talks to them. Agents will not and should not talk people into buying a home.
Customers will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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